I'm Cassandra Aponte

Originally from Bedford, Virginia, I emigrated to Canada in 2005, and now live in New Westminster, BC.

I am passionate about telling compelling stories through illustration and conceptualizing life forms and characters through art. Often my goal is to elicit strong emotional reactions in the audience, be that fear, sympathy, or joy through the use of facial expressions and body language, lighting and atmosphere, and composition. I also very much enjoy exploring a character's range of emotion and identity, bringing out those aspects in a visual medium.

I graduated from UNBC/ECUAD in May 2013 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree and a minor in Creative Writing. I have been full-time freelancing by taking on small commissions since 2016, and am adept at collaborating with other creative minds and interpreting their ideas while seamlessly weaving in my own in order to bring out the look and feel envisioned by the commissioner. I am eager to take these skills to more expansive and professional projects.

I bring
visions to life.

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Achievements & Awards


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